Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Kindness180 in Schools Pt.1

The beauty of Kindness180 is you can implement it however feel is best for your campus. Over the next few days I will explain how we are using it on our campus. If you feel like you want to implement Kindness180 the way we are doing it at our school that's great! You may like how we are doing it but may want to tweak a little bit and that is great too! Or you may want to go a completely different direction. Guess what? That's great! Whatever you decide to do please share it with us! You can comment below or use the hashtag #kindness180 when you post on Instagram or Twitter. We would love to hear your ideas and how you are using Kindness180 in your school.

At our school we started the Kindness180 challenges in the classroom. We have asked that each of our teachers do at least 5 kindness challenges between now and Christmas. That averages to one a month. They of course are welcome to do more! In fact many of our teachers are well on their way to do more than 5 challenges for the semester. Below is the sheet that we have asked our teachers to fill out after they have completed a challenge.

The teachers introduces the challenge to their class and the class completes the challenge. When the challenge is complete the class comes back together and discuss how the challenge went. The goal is to teach kids to show kindness to each other, even with the simplest acts.

Funny Story:
I was talking to one of my 1st grade teachers today and she challenged her class to play with someone new at recess. After recess she was pleased when each child said they had completed the challenge. When she started asking more questions about who they played with she discovered that every single student played with their cousin (we are a small town and there is only one elementary school). She had the students do it again but this time she challenged them to play with someone they have never met before. When they came back in from recess the second time each one of the students had indeed played with someone new that was not their cousin. Gotta love our sweet 1st graders!

How are you completing the Kindness180 challenges as a school? Please comment below!

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