Thursday, July 27, 2017

Family Book Talk

Type of Challenge
Self Kindness

Reading is a great way to bond as a family. When I 
I saw this challenge on Dr. Brad Gustafson's page,  I knew it was something that would be perfect for our Kindness180 challenge.  I sent Brad a message and asked I could use this challenge as one of our Kindness180 challenges and of course he said yes! Btw, if you do not follow him on twitter or Instagram, START! He is full of knowledge! There are two other wonderful collaborators that created the Family Book Talk. They are Julie Kirchner and Linda Gibson who are both  media specialists. You can learn in more detail about the Family Book Talk here

Basically a family book talk is sharing books that you love as a family! When you do your family book talk make sure to use  #familybooktalk because Scholastic will be randomly giving books to families. 

I did this with my boys and we had a blast! Check out the video below.

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