Sunday, August 13, 2017

Stand Against Hate

The Kindness180 challenges are about making a difference in others lives. As educators we work hard to be positive and desire to build genuine relationships with our students, with those we work with, and with those we lead. That is the reason why I started the Kindness180 challenge. Showing kindness to others builds trust and makes us stronger and happier.

The 180 challenges, specifically are to push us out of our comfort zone and show kindness in a way that we don't typically think of. Showing an act of kindness doesn't always bring warm fuzzies and smiles. Sometimes showing acts of kindness is uncomfortable because it means refusing to stay silent and stand up for what is right.

The Challenge
Being an educator isn't always positive as we are forced to face difficult issues that we sometimes don't fully understand. During these times showing acts of kindness means being courageous enough to use our voice against those whose only goal is to spew hate against those who are different than them.

There are people who are so angry about these differences they are willing to bomb night clubs, government towers, go on mass shooting rampages, plow through people on the street, and that is just only a few of the hundreds of examples of the hell people face because they don't fit a certain mold.

What does that have to do with me? I would never do something like that. You are right. Most people who are reading a kindness blog aren't going to do something as extreme as what I have just listed.

However, are you stopping the "small" acts of unkindness you hear on a daily basis. Do you just stand silent? We can't turn a blind eye to these "small acts" any  longer. If we stand silent, we stand in agreement. We have to use our voice and say it's not ok,. These small acts of unkindness can lead up to the extreme acts I listed above.

When you see a person being mistreated for whatever reason, use your voice and say it is not ok! It is going to be uncomfortable. You may lose a friendship over it or even worse a family member. But we can no longer turn a blind eye to it simply because we don't want to cause a problem. The problem is already there! It will only continue to grow if you let it. Stop it in its tracks! If the roles were reversed, and you were the target, you would want someone to be the one to take a stand and defend you. Be the change. Be the one that says enough is enough. This world will never begin to heal if we don't take a stand against hate.

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